The Art of Risk Managment

Every business needs to manage risks in order to survive and thrive. Those risks come in a variety of shapes and sizes: Health and safety, environmental and a plethora of enterprise risks, such as the risks associated with making a new acquisition or failure of a supply chain. Some companies try to get by on a mixture of experience, intuition and luck. Their business can quickly unravel when one of those elements fail.

I equip my clients with the insights, skills and tools that they need to protect their most valuable assets and ultimately support the success of their business. I help my clients to understand and manage the risks to their staff, visitors, property and the surrounding environment.

Engaging workers in the risk management process is a key ingredient for success.  Indeed, some of the most successful employers have the most engaged workforces, benefiting from a rich exchange of ideas and the focussed energies of the workers.

The art of Risk Management is ensuring that tried and tested techniques, such as risk assessment and training, are designed to suit your business and that you know how to make them work in practice. Even where systems are in place, it is great to know whether or not they are up-to-date with your current business model or property portfolio.

There is also an art in knowing how to harness the energy of the workforce in managing risks and building a successful enterprise.

Off-the-shelf packages may work, but they are rarely a good fit. They may not dovetail with existing processes or the culture of the organisation. Standard documents are also of little help when you are facing unusual or complex risks.

I offer bespoke solutions:

Insights:  Audits, Inspections and Investigations

Skills:  Health & Safety, Engagement and Wellbeing Training

Tools:  Procedures and Arrangements

I provide a personal approach to Risk Management, providing my clients with the insights, skills and tools that they need to manage risks.
My bespoke solutions are tailored around my client and the specific risks that they and their enterprise face.
Managing Risk, Personally.