Giving You the Insights: Inspections and Audits

I strive to help my clients to maximise their performance.  This is a game of two halves.  Firstly, businesses need to understand what risks they want or need to actively pursue.  They must then ensure that both desirable and undesirable risks are identified and being sensibly managed.  Once they know that the rug won’t be pulled out from underneath them, I am able to help my clients maximise their performance by getting the very best out of their workforce.

I give my clients an independent, expert and pragmatic insight into their approach for protecting and promoting the wellbeing of their workers, visitors and the surrounding environment. If gaps exist, I provide proportionate and practical recommendations.

With support and guidance, managers can reflect on whether and how they seek to engage their workforce in managing risks or building a successful business.  Often simple steps can be taken to better engage workers and reap the benefits that this is shown to bring:  Increased productivity, profitability and innovation, and reduced accident, absenteeism and turnover.

Inspections, Surveys and Investigations

Site inspections and surveys provide a reasonably quick but insightful overview of how risks are being managed or how workers are being engaged across a group or at an individual site. Investigations are used to understand and find ways of resolving the underlying and root causes of concerns or incidents at a site. They all involve discussions, a site tour and a review of key documents.

I do not simply use generic tick sheets or provide you with reams of bland, generalised information: I tailor my approach to suit the size and risk profile of the organisation to provide you with insights that are truly meaningful and beneficial.

These are just a selection of organisations that I have surveyed: