Giving you the Tools: Procedures and Arrangements

Any tradesperson needs certain tools and materials to do their jobs. They want to achieve the best performance with the resources at their disposal and need to avoid unwanted losses or breakages.

The tools of an organisation are their procedures which dictate how their resources are used to meet their goals.  These arrangements need to help the organisation manage the risks associated with their work and must help get the very best out of their resources. 

As a tradesperson grows in experience and reputation, they can take on bigger and more complex tasks. Their selection of tools will slowly become more powerful and sophisticated.

So too should your systems for managing risk and engaging your workers be tailored around your organisation and the unique challenges you face. Your procedures also need to evolve as your business and property portfolio change and grow.

I work with clients to develop pragmatic, proportionate and bespoke procedures that genuinely help them to engage their workforce and protect and promote the wellbeing of their workers, visitors and the surrounding environment.

Preparing you to manage the pre-construction phase of a construction project

A well-planned and managed construction project will usually be completed on time, on budget and with no major adverse events. In contrast, a poorly managed project will often be beset by delays, overspends, adversarial relationships and incidents.

I am an Incorporated Member with the Association for Project Safety (IMaPS) and have experience of working as a CDM Co-ordinator, CDM Advisor and CDM Manager, on a wide range of projects, from small refurbishments to major new builds.  The largest project that I have provided advice for is a £1bn carbon capture project.

I have delivered national CPD on CDM 2015 on behalf of the International Institute of Risk and Safety Management. Since then I have prepared training material which has been accredited by the APS. In 2015 alone I delivered this material to over 200 professional in 18 groups across the UK. These experiences have given me fantastic insights into the risks, opportunities and challenges posed by the new Regulations.

As a consultant, I work constructively with clients and principal designers to give them the arrangements and confidence to manage the pre-construction phase of the construction project. I help them to meet their legal obligations and get the very best out of a construction project.  I am not a designer and will not act as Principal Designer.